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Vietnam' Ethnic Minorities
Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country with over fifty distinct groups (54 are recognized by the Vietnamese government), each with its own language, lifestyle, and cultural heritage. Many of the local ethnic groups are known collectively in the West as Montagnard or Degar. The largest ethnic groups are: Kinh (Viet) 86.2%, Tay 1.9%, Thai 1.7%, Muong 1.5%, Khmer Krom 1.4%, Hoa 1.1%, Nung 1.1%, Hmong 1%, others 4.1% (1999 census). The Vietnamese word for ethnic group is nguoi (literally "people").

List of 54 ethnic minorities

1. Kinh (also called Viet, the largest ethnic group in Vietnam)
2. Ba Na (Bahnar)
3. Bo Y (Buyei)
4. Brau
5. Bru-Van Kieu
6. Chamm - Descendants of the Champa kingdom in southern Vietnam
7. Cho Ro
8. Chu Ru (Chru)
9. Chut - related to Vietnamese, only 2000-4000 people
10. Co
11. Co Ho
12. Co Lao (Gelao)
13. Co Tu
14. Cong (Cong)
15. Dao - Yao people
16. E De (Rhade)
17. Gia Rai (Jarai, J'rai)
18. Giay
19. Gie Trieng
20. Ha Nhi (Hanhi)
21. H'Mong (Hmong, Mong; formerly known as Meo)
22. Hoa (Chinese)
23. H're (H're)
24. Khang
25. Khmer Krom (Khmer, Khmer Krom)
26. Kho Mu (Khmu)
27. La Chi
28. La Ha
29. La Hu
30. Lao - People from Laos
31. Lo Lo (Lo Lo, Yi)
32. Lu
33. Ma
34. Mang
35. Mnong
36. Muong- Closest to Kinh Vietnamese
37. Ngai (Chinese, separately classified from Hoa)
38. Nung
39. O Du
40. Pa Then
41. Phu la
42. Pu Peo
43. Ra Glai (Raglai)
44. Ru mam
45. San Chay (San Chay, Cao Lan)
46. San Diu (San Diu, Chinese, separately classified from Hoa)
47. Si La
48. Ta Oi (Ta Oi)
49. Tay (Tay) - The largest minority in Vietnam
50. Thai (Thai)
51. Tho (Tho) - Related to Kinh Vietnamese
52. Xinh Mun (Xinh-mun)
53. Xo Dang (Sedang, Xo Dang)
54. Xtieng (Stieng)

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