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We have 15+1 policy.
If you have group of more than 15 tourists, please contact our sale executive for price
We will send you tour contract, invoice, tour and hotel voucher with company's stamp and signature of person in charge.
We will request you to deposit minimum amount of tour cost
We have easy online payment
We will send our representative to see you at the hotel on the first day
We have been recommended by more than 10 000 foreign tourists and travel partners.
We will send you Vietnam useful information before traveling to Vietnam
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Suggested Packing List

Please consider taking along the following items on your trip. This is not a fixed list, but more of a guideline, so feel
free to add and remove items as you see fit. Use your best judgment, and pack as lightly as possible. You will
appreciate light luggage towards the end of your trip. You may wish to include a small duffle for purchases bought
along the way.

General Travel

  • Daypack
  • Waterproof duffle bag or suitcase
  • New “airport friendly” luggage locks or just use plastic zip ties to “lock” luggage
  • Luggage Tags

(NOTE: No matter what type of trip you are on, the key to dressing is layering. This will allow you to stay warm day or night despite wide
temperature fluctuations. Also remember cotton and jeans do not dry easily. Include a few items made of capilene or polypro which wick moisture away from your body.)

  • Long - sleeved shirts: 2 to 3 pieces
  • Shor - sleeved shirts: 3 to 4 piece
  • Pants: 2 to 3 (Comfortable, loose fitting and quick drying)
  • Shorts: 1 to 2 pair (Acceptable most places except cities, churches, and other places of worship)
  • Travel skirt for women (Lightweight and below the knee)
  • Thin polypro or capilene long underwear top and bottom
  • Waterproof shell jacket – ALWAYS!
  • Fleece, jacket or sweater
  • Walking shoes with good support and traction
  • Socks‐ 3 to 4 pairs
  • Underwear – 4 to 5 changes
  • Swimsuit
  • Tampons (w/o applicators) for women
  • Toilet kit including toothbrush/paste, soap, shampoo, Kleenex, moisturizing lotion, razor, shave cream, etc.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Money belt
  • Travel watch/alarm clock
  • Extra eyeglasses and eyeglass straps
  • Photo gear
  • Universal plug adaptor for your camera battery recharger
  • Light‐weight binoculars
  • Pocket knife – Must go in your checked bag
  • Phrase Book
  • Reading material
  • Pen and note pad
  • Name Card
  • Ear plugs to block the ever-present noise
  • Plastic grocery bags for wrapping liquid bottles or dirty shoes
  • Pictures of your family and home town
  • Snack foods
  • Head Lamp
  • Sleeping sheet if staying in rural places
  • Light rain gear
  • Small back pack to strap on the back of your bike ( For biking Tour )
  • Rain gear

Suggested Tipping Guidelines

Our clients always ask us what they should tip drivers, guides, etc. while on their trip. This is very
difficult to respond to because tipping relates directly to your overall experience with each person.
However, here are some travel industry standards that will give you a baseline idea about
Tipping - Travel Industry Standards:
Guide - $10 per person per day
Driver - $5 per person per day
Cruises in Halong Bay - $20 per night
For trekking trips:
Cook: $4 per person per day
Porters and other trekking staff: $3 per person per porter per day
We also suggest you ask your local guide for guidelines on what the local standard is for tipping at
restaurants, bellboys, etc.


5 steps to book Vietnam tour

1. Send us your tour request
2. Be responded by travel consultant
3. Finalize the itinerary
4. Pay the deposit and pack your bags
5. Enjoy Vietnam Tour with Vietnam Heritage Travel
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