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Tay Ninh

Tay Ninh town, the capital of Tay Ninh province, serves as headquarters of one of Vietnam’s most intriguing indigenous religions, Cao Daism. The  Cao Dai Great Temple at the sect’s Holy see is one of the most striking structures in all of Asia. Built between 1933 and 1955, the temple is a rococo extravaganza combining the conflicting architectural idiosyncrasies of a French church, a Chinese pagoda, Hong Kong’s tiger Balm Gardens and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

Tay Ninh province, northwest of HCMC, is bordered by Cambodia on three sides. The area’s dominant geographic feature is Nui Ba Den ( Black Lady Mountain ), which towers above the surrounding plains. Tay Ninh province’s eastern border is formed by the Saigon River. The Vam Co River flows from Cambodia through the western part of the province.

Because of the once – vaunted political and military power of the Cao Dai, this region was the scene of prolonged and heavy fighting during the Franco – Viet Minh War. Tay Ninh province served as a major terminus of the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the American War, and in 1969 the Viet Cong captured Tay Ninh town and held it for several days.

During the period of conflict between Cambodia and Vietnam in the late 1970s, the Khmer Rouge launched a number of cross- border raids into Tay NInh province and committed atrocities against civilians. Several cemeteries around Tay Ninh are stark reminders of these event.

What to Do ?
Cao Dai Temple (Cao Dai Holy See): Established in 1926, is 4km east of Tay Ninh in the village of Long Hoa. Its doctrine is an east-west mix said to have been communicated through seances by famous spirits such as Shakespeare and Lenin.

The Cao Dai symbol, an all-seeing eye, and the temple decor in general are colorfully garish. A visit to this sacred temple is usually combined with Cu Chi Tunnels exploration.

Black Lady Mountain is 15km northeast of Tay Ninh and was used as a staging area by both the Viet Minh and the VC as well as the scene of fierce fighting during the French and American Wars. If you like more exercise, a walk to the summit is very interesting. Otherwise, having fun with chair lifts that shuttle the pilgrims up and down the hill.

Travel Tips
When visiting Cao Dai Temple, please dress modestly and respectfully and remove your shoes before entering. It is also important to ask for permission before taking photos at this complex.Also bring hat, sunglasses and easy walking shoes.
Hotels Restaurants Places to visit

1. Anh Dao Hotel

Add: 146, 30/4 road, ward, Tay Ninh town.

Tel: (84-66) 3827306

1. Phong Lan Restaurant
Add: 210, April 30 road, Tay Ninh
Tel: (84-66) 3822 638

Ba Den Mountain

Dau Tieng Lake

Cao Dai Temple

2. Hoa Binh Hotel

Add : 210-30/4 street, Tayninh Town.

Tel : (84-66) 3821315

2. Ngoc Mai Restaurant
42 NguyTay Ninh Town
(84-66) 3822 380

One pillar pagoda

Dainam park

Buu Long mountain

3. Phong Lan Hotel

13 Pasteur street, ward 3, Tay Ninh

Tel: (84-66) 3822108

3. Thanh Thuy Restaurant
Add: 30/4 Streets
(84-66) 382 7606
Long Hoa market

4. Trade Union Hotel of Tay Ninh

Add: 815 Cach Mang Thang 8, Hiep Ninh ward.

Tel: (84-66) 3827925

4. Thuy Dong Restaurant
Add: 457, Cach Mang Thang 8,
(84-66) 3821 992


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