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Vietnam Festivals
Com (young green glutinous rice Festival of the Tay)

comyoungTime: September 12th (the 15th day of the eighth lunar month)

Place: In the home and in the village meeting house Bao Yen District, Lao Cai Province

Objects of worship: Thanh Quan

Characteristics: Contest of pounding young green rice, ceremonies of offering to the moon, giao duyen singing, det cui (weaving) dancing and tradition singing of the Tay people.

Cau Phu Festival (Praying for good fortune Festival)

cauphuc festivalTime:  From the end of August (The eighth lunar month)

Place: Mai Chau District, Hoa BInh Province

Characteristics: The Praying for good fortune festival of the Thai in Mai Chau. Every family prepares a meal for offering is chicken, next year the offering is pig. In the afternoon, each family kills two chickens to worship the Kitchen God (set up in the home) and Earth genie (set in a field)

Cau Phuc Festival is a significant Vietnamese festival and is also known as good fortune festival.Cau Phuc Festival falls in the eighth lunar month of every year. People pray for good fortune and the festival is mainly celebrated in Mai Chau district and Hoa Binh province. During this Vietnamese festival people gather together in a common shrine and pray for the good fortune of themselves and their loved ones.

The offering of the festival also varies each year and special preparations are offered every year. Each family prepares worshiping meal and then set table in the shrine and begins worshiping following the rituals associated with the festival. Suppose this year chicken is offered, and then in the next pig will be offered, therefore the varieties of meal for offering keep on changing every year.

Process of worshiping meal preparation starts from the afternoon itself.  Each of the families kills two chickens in the afternoon and one is kept to worship Kitchen God whereas the other is kept for the Earth genie, which is set in field.

Vietnam events and festivals are very unique and their celebrations actually depict the lifestyle and culture of the people of respective regions.

Thi Cau Festival

thi cau festivalTime:  September 4th – 13rd (from the 7th to the 16th day of the eighth lunar month). The main festival day is on the September 7th (the 10th day of the eighth lunar month)

Objects of worship: Saint Tam Giang

Characteristics: Water procession from Cau River to the temple; palanquin procession, and procession of a saint from Kim Temple to the pagoda and communal house.

Singing worshipping songs at night of the 8th day of the eighth lunar month; contest of preparing feast (the dishes must be new, strange, delicious, clean and are placed nice will win the prize). This contest related to ceremony of praying for rain. It also involves the pigeons releasing contest.

Yen Cu Festival

Yen Cu FestivalTime: September 17th (the 20th day of the eighth lunar month)

Place: Khanh Cu Commune, Yen Khanh District, Ninh Binh Province.

Objects of worship: Tran Hung Dao, his wife and princesses

Characteristics: Buffalo fighting, the water genie cult.

Yen Cu festival is organized on 20th of lunar August in Yen Cu village, Yen Khanh district. It is devoted to the cult of Genie Tran Hung Dao, his wife and their princes.

Yen Cu festival is organized on 20th of lunar August in Yen Cu village, Yen Khanh district. It is devoted to the cult of Genie Tran Hung Dao, his wife and theirprinces.

The festivity comprises a palanquin Processions from Day River to Phu Hao hamlet. Unexplained circumstances make that fishes go there in such abundance on that day, which one can not help but wonder that perhaps they gather to take part in the festival

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