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Cu Lao Cham, the beautiful offshore island

Cu_Lao_ChamCu Lao Cham is known as a beautiful island with various wild animals and legendary landscapes.

The large island consists of eight islets, 20 kilometers off the coast from Hoi An Ancient Town in Quang Nam Province. Cu Lao Cham Island has wonderful sand beaches, forested hills and the sea. With primitive landscape, the island is ideal for camping, swimming and scuba diving to enjoy the corals and beautiful marine life.

The Heartland

Song_Sai_GonWherever they live, when Vietnamese people hear the words “the South Land” they feel moved.

These worlds conjure up images of a huge bright sky and water. The silt in the Mekong Delta is so rich in nutrients that 300 years after the area was settled by Viet farmers, lush paddies and fruit orchards extend from the ancient districts of Saigon – Gia Dinh to Ca Mau.

Today, people divide “the South Land” into two parts: South – West and South – East. Ho Chi Minh City is considered the center of this area.

A day in Hanoi

Ha_NoiWhether you’ve lived in Hanoi for you entire life or have just arrived, why not indulge in city – tour?

You won’t find double-decker buses or tour guides with megaphones in Hanoi, so why not hop aboard a cyclo? These vehicles are a great way to tour the old Quarter’s narrow and winding streets. Many interesting sites lie within a small area.

The best place to start your tour is Hoan Kiem Lake, where you can yell “Good morning, Vietnam” to the crowds of people gathered here to do their early morning exercises. Come early – dawn will find the area around the lake full of people doing aerobics, tai chi and calisthenics. If this seems too energetic, gaze out at the lake’s green waters and consider the lake’s legendary past. It is said that a golden turtle rose from the lake’s depths and presented Emperor Le with a magic sword that enable him to drive out Ming invaders in 1428.

Victorious in Ha Long Bay
Victory_StarA new overnight boat offers more activities for sightseers in Ha Long Bay. Mack Jackson reports on the Victory Star.

The two teams sit in respective boats. With paddle raised, we wait for the sign to start. A hundred meters ahead, a buoy lacks the turning point. The first one back is the winner. The signal is given and we set off across Halong’s peaceful waters. At first our crew is all at sixes and sevens. Despite our drummer’s constants beat, we lack discipline and synchronization, hardly surprising since we haven’t had any practice. Eventually someone calls out a rhythm and we start to accelerate though the waters, quickly hauling in our rivals.
Homestay - attractive tourism type in Da Lat
Da_Lat_City1In a short time, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the romantic highlands of Da Lat (Lam Dong) and are also able to approach, understand, and learn more about culture, custom, and people… of the locals there. That is the reason for homestay tourism type in Da Lat is attracting many visitors, especially international ones.

Da Lat has been considered as a Little Paris in Vietnam for a long time. Besides the types of tourism that have become familiar to visitors in Da Lat such as outdoor tourism, eco- tourism, adventure tourism, culture tourism..., the homestay tourism is emerging as an innovative and attractive type.

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