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40 delicious Vietnamese dishes

Cha Ca - Pho - Banh Xeo - Nem - Canh Bun - Dau Phu Sot Ca Chua - My xao bo - Com chay - Che - Bo bit tet- Banh bao - Com rang - Lau - Banh mi - Ca tim kho to - Bot chien - Bun dau man tom - Com suon nuong - Banh gio - Chao - Bo luc lac - Hat de nong - Banh uot thit nuong - Bun Cha - Nom Hoa Chuoi - Bun Bo Nam Bo - Pho Cuon - Ga Nuong - Pho Xao - Cafe trung - Bo La Lot - Xoi - Banh Cuon - Cau Lao - Gio Cuon - Bun Bo Hue - Banh Knot - Ga Tan

If you’re the sort of traveler who believers that eating locally is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a culture, prepare to be amazed by Vietnam. From traditional street stalls to contemporary big – city temples of upscale dinning, the country serves up an endless banquet of exquisite eating.

Diverse landscapes – fertile highlands, water-logged rice paddies, forest-cloaked mountains and sandy coasts – lend the country its cuisine variety, while a long history of contact with outsiders brings complexity. Over the centuries locals have absorbed and adapted Chinese, Indian, French and even Japanese techniques and specialties to their own kitchens and palates, and, more recently, expatriates and those Vietnamese chefs who have spent time cooking overseas have breathed new life into white-tablecloth dinning scenes in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In Vietnam, to ‘eat local’ can mean anything from supping on rice-flour vermicelli flavored with fish sauce, to feasting on beef stew accompanied by a crispy baguette.

The country’s vast range of excellent edibles invites experimentation. Though Vietnam’s well-known classics – pho, spring rolls, and shrimp paste grilled on sugar cane – are all well and tasty, it pays to venture into the unknown. Every bustling wet market, every bicycle – riding vendor and every open –air eatery is a potential trove of delights that rarely make it beyond the country’s borders. Keep your eyes open, follow your nose, and you’ll depart with mouth-watering memories that will have you saying ‘ Hen gap lai’ (see you again)


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