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Southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, buses plying Highway 1 eventually emerge from the city’s unkempt urban sprawl and into the pastoral surrounds of the Mekong Delta’s upper plains. The delta is too modest to flaunt its full beauty so soon, but glimpses of rice fields behind the scruffy settlements draped along the highway hint at things to come, their burnished golds and brilliant greens interspersed with the occasional white ancestral grave. Seventy kilometers out of Ho Chi Minh City, a left fork marks the turning to My Tho, an amiable market town that nestles on the north bank of the Mekong River’s northernmost strand, the Tien Giang, or Upper River.

My Tho’s proximity to Ho Chi Minh City means that it receives the lion’s share of day – trippers to the delta, resulting in a scrum of pushy vendors crowding round each tour bus that arrives. Nevertheless, the town comes as a great relief after the onslaught of Ho Chi Minh City, its uncrowned boulevards belying a population of around 200.000, and you can easily escape the melee by hopping onto a boat or wandering into the backstreets.

This daily influx of visitor seems appropriate, given the town’s history Chinese immigrants fleeing Formosa (modern- day Taiwan) after the collapse of the Minh dynasty established the town in the late seventeenth century, along with a Vietnamese population keen to make inroads into this traditionally Khmer – dominated region. Two centuries later the French, wooed by the district’s abundant rice and fruit crops, rated it highly enough to post a garrison here and to lay a (now-defunct) rail line to Saigon; while the American War saw a consistent military presence in town. Today My Tho’s commercial importance is as pronounced as ever, something a walk through the buy town market amply illustrates.

What to Do ?

Boat trips are the highlight of Mytho to some destinations including a coconut workshop, a honey - bee farm and orchard. If time allowed, tourist should not miss Vinh Trang Pagoda, a beautiful and well-maintained sanctuary and Dong Tam snake farm, a center for breeding spoision snakes producing venom for export.

When to go?

Trips to Mekong Delta are suitable all year round but the best time is the monsoon from June to September.

Travel Tips

Bring along camera, hat, sunscreen and insect repellant.

Hotels Restaurants Places to visit

1. Chuong Duong Hotel

Add: 10 road 30/4, ward 1, My Tho Town

Tel: (84.73) 870875

1. Bach Tung Vien Restaurant

Add: 171B Anh Giac St., My Tho City

Tel: (84.73) 388 8989

Vinh trang Pagoda

Cai Be Floating Village

2. Guest house of Tien Giang Province

Add: 23 road 30/4, ward 1, My Tho Town

Tel: (84.73) 873150

2. Cuu Long Restaurant

Add: 81, 30/4 St., My Tho City

Tel: (84.73) 387 0779

Dong Tam snake Farm

Go Cong Fine Arts Village

3. Song Tien Hotel

Add:101 Trung Trac road, ward 1

Tel: (84.73) 872009

3. Ngoc Gia Trang Restaurant

Add: 196A Ap Bac St., My Tho City

Tel: (84.73) 387 2742

4. MyTho 1 Hotel

Add: 67, 30/4 road, My Tho City

Tel (84-73) 3872543

4. Trung Luong Restaurant

Add: Highway 1, My Tho City

Tel: (84.73) 385 5441




Thay Pagoda



Hochiminh City





Phuquoc Island

Phongnha Cave

Perfume Pagoda

Northwest Region





Bangioc Waterfall

Bacha Market

Babe Lake


Butthap Pagoda


Muine Beach

Mekong Delta







Halong Bay

Fansipan Mount

Duonglam Village




Cucphuong National Park

Cocly Market

Central Highland

Catba Island



Cancau Market

Cairang Floating Market

Caibe Floating Market



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