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This outstanding Sunday market is Bac Ha’s big draw. There are a few handicrafts for sale, but this is very much a local affair, and it’s all about experiencing a highland market rather than shopping for the local hill-tribe people, above all the exotically attired Flower H’mong, and it makes a Technicolor dream for photographers.

Flower H’mong women wear several layers of dazzling clothing. These include an elaborate collar-cum-shawl that’s pinned at the neck and an apron style garment; both are made of tightly women strips of multicolored fabric, often with a frilly edge. Highly ornate cuffs and ankle fabrics are part of their costume as is a checked headscarf(often electric pink or lime green).

The market itself is compartmentalized. The huge animal section, held on a muddy open field, is fascinating, as prospective vendors pries open the mouths of water buffalo and horses for an impromptu dental examination, prod pigs, and size up dogs on strings. Bordering this are food stalls with giant vats of bubbling broths, tables displaying glistening entrails and drink tents dedicated to merrymaking where you can join the locals for shots of corn hooch. On the east side are handicraft stalls selling local fabrics and silver jewelers.

If you can, stay overnight in Bac Ha and get here early before hundreds of day-trippers from Sapa start arriving. Bac Ha market starts at sunrise and winds down by about 2pm

What to Do ?
Bac Ha Market, approximately 80km from Sapa, is the most colorful and biggest fair for minority groups. At the market, visitors can see colourful ethnic people such as Flower Hmong, Phu La and Dao Tuyen gathering to buy and sell very lively. It is a chance to take nice photos. Nearby Bac Ha, it's the Ban Pho village inhabited by the Flower H'mong, you can do a light trekking to the village and meet hospitable, friendly people. Other villages are also closed by Bac Ha including Trieu Cai, Na Ang and Na Hoi.

How to get there?
The best option for journeys from Bac Ha trains to Lao Cai. From Lao Cai, we take another 45-minute drive to Sapa and Bac Ha is 93km away. You can choose either private transportation or sharing bus to reach Bac Ha.
Hotels Restaurants Places to visit
Paradise Hotel
Add :Tourism zone - Bac Ha Town
Tel  (84-20) 880676
Sao Mai Restaruant
Add: Bacha Laocai Vietnam
Tel : (84-20) 880288
Ban Pho Mong Village
Bac Ha Market
Cancau Market
Hoang A Tuong Palace
Sao Mai Hotel
Add: Bacha Laocai Vietnam
Tel : (84-20) 880288

Cong Phu Restaurant

Add: Tourism Zone Bacha Town

Hoang Vu Hotel
Add: Tourism Zone, Bac Ha Town
Tell: + 84-203. 880264


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