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By turns exotic, squalid, gauche and hip, the high – octane Vietnamese capital of Hanoi provides a full – scale assault on the senses. Its crumbly, lemon – hued colonial architecture  is a feast for the eyes: swarms off buzzing motorbikes invade the ear, while the delicate  scents and tastes of delicious street food can be found all across a city that – unlike so many of its regional contemporaries – is managing to modernize with a degree of  grace. Despite its political and historical importance, as well as the incessant noise drummed up by a population of over six million, Hanoi exudes a more intimate, urbane appeal than Ho Chi Minh city.

At its center lies a tree – fringed lake and shaded avenues of classy French villas dressed up in jaded stucco, but the rest of Hanoi is bursting at the seams and nowhere is this more evident than in the teeming traffic and the vibrant, intoxi – cating tangle of streets known as the Old Quarter, the city’s commercial heart since the fifteenth century. Delving back  even further, a handful of Hanoi’ s more than six hundred temples and pagodas hail from the original, eleventh – century city, most notably the Temple of Literature, which encompasses both Vietnam’s foremost Confucian sanctuary and its first university. Many visitors, however, are drawn to Hanoi by more recent events, seeking explanations among the exhibits of the Military History Museum and in Ho Chi Minh’ Mausoleum for the extraordinary Vietnamese tenacity displayed  during the wars of the twentieth century.

Modern  Hanoi has an increasingly, “ can do” air about it and a buzz that is even beginning to rival Ho Chi Minh city. There’s more money about nowadays and the  wealthier Hanoians are prepared to flaunt it in the ever – more sophisticated restaurants, cafes and designer boutique that have exploded all over the city. Hanoi now boats glitzy shopping malls and wine warehouses; beauty parlous are the latest fad and some seriously exploded cars cruise the streets. Almost everyone else zips around on motorbikes rather than the deeply unready bicycle. The authorities are trying – with mixed success – to temper the anarchy with laws to curb traffic and regulate unsympathetic building projects in the Old Quarter, coupled with an ambitious twenty- year development plan than aims to ease congestion by creating satellite towns. Nevertheless, the city centre has not completely lost its old – world charm nor its distinctive character.

The best time to visit Hanoi is during the three months from October to December; when you’ll find warm, sunny days and levels of humidity be low the norm of eighty percent, though it can be chilly at night. From January to March, cold winds from China combine with high humidity it give a fine mist which often hangs in the air for days. March and April usually bring better weather, before the extreme summer heat arrives in late April, accompanied by monsoon storms which peak in August and can last until early October, causing serious flooding throughout the delta

Hotels Restaurant Bank Places to visit
Address: 23 Hang Than St
Tel: (84-4) 6273 6622
Quan An Ngon restaurant
Add: 18 Phan Boi Chau st
(84.4) 39428162

Vietcom bank

Add: 344 Bà Triệu

Tel:(84 4) 39.746.666

Hochiminh Mausoleum
Hochiminh House
The Presidential Palace
One Pilar Pagoda
Madallion Hanoi Hotel
Add: 11 Ma May st
Tel: (84.4) 3926 1302
Pho 24
Add:No 1 Hang Khay St
Tel: (84 4) 37 474.840
Vietin Bank
Add: No 6 Ngo Quyen
Tel:(84 4) 39.349.590
Temple of Literature
Quan Thanh Temple
Ngoc Son Temple
Tran Quoc Pagoda
Add : No4 - 6 Ba Trieu str
Tel:(844) 3934 1256
Nam Phuong Restaurant
Add: 19 Phan Chu Trinh
(84.4) 38240926
Add: 80 Hai Ba Trung
Tel: (84 4) 38247728
Ethnology Museum
History Museum
Fine-Art Museum
Army Museum
Hong Ngoc Hotel
Add: 34 Hang Manh St
Tel:(84 4) 3928 9725
Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant
Add: 14 Cha Ca street
Tel: (84.4) 38253929
VIB Bank
Add: 306 Tay Son
Tel: (844)3 537 8037
Water Puppet Theatre
Circus Theatre
Hanoi Zoological Park
Thong Nhat Park

Add: 1 A Nghi Tam, Tay Ho
Tel: +84-4-2708888
Le Tonkin Restaurant
Add: 14 Ngo Van So Str
Tel: (84.4) 3 9433457
Add: No1 Le Thanh Tong
Tel:( 84 4) 37 247 247
Add : 195 - 199 Hang Bong Str
Tel: (84.4) 3266 5555
Terrace Bar( live music)
Add: 59A Ly Thai To
Tel: (844) 3934 0888
VP Bank
Add: 4 Da Tuong
Tel:(84 4)39423635
Add: 44B LyThuong Kiet
Tel: (84.4) 62 999 888

Press Club
Add: 59A Ly Thai To Str
(84.4) 39340888

VDB Bank
Add: 25A Cat Linh
Tel:(84 4) 3736 5659

Add :No 9 Ly Dao Thanh

Tel: (84.4) 3266 9999

Egypt Club
Add: No 8 Hang Buom St
Tel: (84 4) 3926 4185
Military Bank ( MB)
Add:No 3 Lieu Giai
Tel:(84 4) 3767.4004
Add :54 - 56 Hang Duong St
Tel: (84.4) 3923 0036
Loop( night club)
Add: No 6 Hang Bai St
Tel: 6 270 0595
Maritime Bank ( MSB)
Add: 44 Nguyễn Du
Tel:(84 4) 3 943 3245
Add: 19 Pham Dinh Ho St
Tel:(84 4) 3971 3888
I - Box ( night club)
Add: 32 Le Thai To St
Tel: (84 4) 3828 8820


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