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With graceful tree-lined bounevards, an impressive array of colonial-ear buildings anh an unhurried air, Hai Phong is a very approachable city. It's an important seaport and industrisl centre but few visitors stop here long, probably because are thin on the ground. If you do pass through, you'll find far fewer hassles than in Vietnam's other main tourism centres, with barely a tout to be found.

Café culture is very strong here, so be sure to take in one of the myriad excellent plces in the city centre, many with street tables for people-watching, and wifi

The city is a transport, and very well connected to CatBa island and hanoi by bus, boat and train.

What to Do ?

There are some remarkable ancient Vietnamese architectural sites in Hai Phong. Du Hang Pagoda, the centre of Buddhism in Hai Phong, is a very pure and graceful temple that was built in 17th century with some renovations being completed afterward. The pagoda contains a lot of amazing woodworks, bronze statues and a bonsai collection right on the front grounds. An array of Buddha and Bodhisattva statues highlight a circular pond of water lilies in a flowery garden and a tranquil towered-grave yard, where the monks who had resided in the pagoda are buried.

Not far from the pagoda is Hang Kenh Pavilion, which is dedicated to the Vietnamese hero Ngo Quyen who lived in 10th century. Being a Communal House of the Kenh village in the old time, the Pavillion is famous for its wooden bas-relieves, sculptures and special boat-shaped interior. If you would prefer to stroll into the city, your visit should start at the colonial quarter around Dien Bien Phu street and Tran Hung Dao street. From there you can go to the old Opera House and then walk around Tam Bac Lake. There are 5 roofed kiosks on the Eastern side of the lake with fresh flowers sold by smiling girls. On the Southern side of the lake is the exciting Hang Kenh Tapestry which produces woolen carpets for export.

Which way to go?

Visiting Hai Phong is an exciting experience. You can go to the city to different ways. You can go there by crossing on the Cam River Ferry, you can reach the city overland from Halong Bay or you can take it will and run along the coast of Vietnam for 12 kilometers either from Halong or Cat Ba Island. Both sea ways offer wonderful views with plenty of islands along the Halong and Cat Ba archipelago. Quite a few tourists choose this way to avoid going over the same routes once more.


Hotels Restaurants Place to visit

1. Harbour View Hotel

Add: 4 Tran Phu St, Hai Phong

Tel: (84-313) 827 827

1. Harbour Cafe

No. 04 Tran Phu street

Tel: (84-31) 3827827

Du Hang Pagoda

Hang Kenh Communal House

Haiphong Opera House

2. Huu Nghi Hotel

Add: 60 Dien Bien Phu road

Tel: (84-31)  3823468

2. Nam Phuong Restaurant

No. 04 Tran Phu street

Tel: (84-31) 3827827

Do son Beach

Catba Island

Flower Road

3. Tray - Thuy Quynh Hotel

Add :Lach Tray Road, Hai Phong.

Tel :(84-31) 3828222

3. Vu Minh Seafood Restaurant

184 Quang Trung

Tel: (84-31) 3838490

Cat Ba National Park

Do son Buffalo Fighting Festival (on 9 of the 8th lunar month)

4. Sea Stars View

Add:1/3LeHongPhong St

Tel: (84-31) 3556998

4. Trong Khach Restaurant

35 Nguyen Duc Canh

Tel: (84-31) 3737677

5. Doson Resort Hotel

Add: 4 Tran Phu St, Hai Phong

Tel: (84- 31) 864 888 -861 888

5. Phu Gia Restaurant

378 Nguyen Binh Khiem

Tel: (84-31) 3763770

6. Camela Hote&Resort

Add:No.501/Km6, Highway No.5

Tel: (84-31) 3538888/538777

6. Chinese Restaurant

190 Quang Hoa, Quang Trung

Tel: (84-31) 3856 715

7. HonDau Resort

Add:Area 3 Van Huong Ward 

Tel: (84-31) 3864939 -3864937

8. Dai Duong Hotel

Add: 20 Le Dai Hanh,Hai Phong

Tel: (84-313) 3822849

9. Dien luc Hotel

Add: Area I - Do Son, Hai Phong

Tel: (84-31) 3861324




Thay Pagoda



Hochiminh City





Phuquoc Island

Phongnha Cave

Perfume Pagoda

Northwest Region





Bangioc Waterfall

Bacha Market

Babe Lake


Butthap Pagoda


Muine Beach

Mekong Delta







Halong Bay

Fansipan Mount

Duonglam Village




Cucphuong National Park

Cocly Market

Central Highland

Catba Island



Cancau Market

Cairang Floating Market

Caibe Floating Market




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