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What’s special about Ha Long Bay?

Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago was twice recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage in 1994 and 2000.

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Discover Ha Long, Vietnam – a vibrant city and wonder world. Immerse in adventure, relaxation, and local hospitality in one breathtaking destination.

Nestled along the northeastern coast of Vietnam, Ha Long is a captivating city that offers a unique blend of urban life and natural wonders. Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, this coastal city is the gateway to the world-famous Ha Long Bay. This article will provide all things you need to know about Ha Long and what makes it an amazing city to discover when you come to Vietnam.
The Legend of Ha Long
Ha Long is located in Northeastern Vietnam. It is along the coast of the Gulf of Tonkin in Quang Ninh Province. The city of HaLong is known for being the gateway to the famous HaLong Bay, an UNESCO World Heritage site inscribed from 1994. It is approximately 160 kilometers (99 miles) east of the capital city, Hanoi.
Ha Long, often called the “Descending Dragon,” is an integral part of Vietnamese folklore, explaining the remarkable geological features of Ha Long Bay.


According to the legend, long ago, Vietnam faced foreign invasion threats. The Jade Emperor sent dragons to protect the land. These dragons descended from the heavens, spewing fire to destroy enemy ships and dropping jewels and jade that transformed into islands and islets in the bay. That formed an impenetrable barrier that shielded Vietnam.
After the battle, the dragons remained in the bay, captivated by its beauty, becoming its guardians. This legend symbolizes Vietnamese unity and resilience.
Ha Long Bay, known as the “Bay of the Descending Dragon,” continues to captivate visitors with its mystical charm.
Must-Visit Destinations in Ha Long
Ha Long is a breathtaking destination. Its beauty comes from the vibrant and chaotic city to the tranquil bay with iconic limestone karsts, emerald waters, and picturesque scenery. Ha Long is the most must-go land in the list of Vietnam destinations. Below are some suggested places to go in Ha Long

Sun World Halong Complex
This modern amusement park boasts a range of bustle attractions. From the cable car, views of the bay will catch your eye with fantastic beauty. Inside Ha Long Sun World, a thrilling water park with various high altitudes that is worth experiencing.
Moreover, The Sun Wheel (a giant Ferris wheel) provides a brilliant view of Ha Long City at night and other dining options. It’s an excellent place to relax and enjoy recreational activities.
Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba is the largest island in Halong Bay and offers a variety of attractions. Cat Ba Town is a bustling hub with many restaurants, shops, and accommodations. The island is also home to Cat Ba National Park, where you can hike through lush jungles and spot diverse wildlife.
Lan Ha Bay

Adjacent to Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay features crystal-clear waters and stunning limestone karsts. It’s an ideal place for water activities such as kayaking, swimming, and beach climbing. The bay also offers secluded beaches for relaxing and enjoying the scenery.
Halong Bay Cruise

Cruising Halong Bay is the quintessential way to experience HaLong’s tranquil beauty. There are various cruise options, including luxury junk and budget-friendly choices.
These cruises typically include visits to caves, opportunities for kayaking, swimming, and dining on delicious seafood.
If you want to find a reasonable tour of Halong Bay Cruise, here are some options to choose
Tuan Chau Island
Tuan Chau Ha Long is an entertainment and resort complex near Halong Bay. It offers various activities, including water sports, cultural performances, and the opportunity to witness dolphin and seal shows.
Bai Tu Long Bay
Located northeast of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay offers a quieter and less crowded alternative to its famous neighbor. It boasts pristine beauty, serene waters, and a more peaceful atmosphere. The bay is dotted with beautiful islands and hidden caves to explore.
Quang Ninh Museum and Library

Quang Ninh Museum and Library is an exciting place to visit. It showcases the geological history and cultural heritage of Quang Ninh Province, with a particular focus on Halong Bay.
The museum features exhibits on the bay’s formation, its unique limestone karsts, local cultures, and marine ecosystems. Interactive displays and a library are available. Visitors can explore and learn more about the region’s natural beauty and history.
Sung Sot Cave (Surprise Cave)
This cavern, also known as Surprise Cave, is one of the most famous caves in Halong Bay. It consists of two chambers with incredible stalactite and stalagmite formations, often illuminated to enhance their beauty. The cave’s unique features make it a fascinating place to explore.

Must-Try Foods in Ha Long
Halong Bay offers a variety of diverse and must-try food options, reflecting the rich culinary traditions of the region.
Fresh Seafood
Ha Long is the land of fresh and diverse seafood. Don’t miss out on dishes like succulent grilled squid with a garlic and butter glaze, steamed prawns, flavorful fish hotpot, and delicious seafood spring rolls, often filled with a combination of fresh ingredients.
The seafood is typically caught daily from the bay, ensuring its freshness and quality. Also, dining at floating seafood restaurants allows you to savor delicious seafood with a mesmerizing view.
Grilled Squid
This regional specialty involves marinating fresh squid in a blend of spices and grilling it to a smoky, tender perfection. The grilled squid is often served with a delectable dipping sauce, adding a perfect flavor to each bite.
Fried Crab Spring Rolls
These crispy spring rolls are a delightful combination of delicate crab meat and aromatic seasonings. They’re deep-fried until golden and served with a tangy dipping sauce, making them an irresistible appetizer.
Jellyfish Salad
This is a unique dish in Halong. It features translucent strips of jellyfish mixed with fresh herbs, vegetables, and a zesty dressing. It is known for its refreshing and slightly chewy texture, making it a textural addition to your culinary experience in the region.
Bitter Herb Salad
This salad combines a variety of bitter herbs with roasted peanuts, creating a flavorful and textural contrast. The dressing typically includes sweet and tangy flavors, making it a refreshing side dish to complement the richness of seafood.
People In Ha Long City
Ha Long people are known for their warm hospitality and sense of community. Many locals in Ha Long are involved in the fishing industry, as the bay surrounding provides a vital source of income.
The city’s rapid development in recent years has brought diversity and opportunities for its inhabitants, with a strong emphasis on preserving their cultural heritage. As tourism plays a pivotal role in the city’s economy, you’ll find many residents engaged in the hospitality sector, from running hotels and restaurants to offering boat tours.
The people of Ha Long City take pride in sharing their culture and natural wonders with visitors, creating a welcoming atmosphere that makes the city even more memorable.

In summary, Ha Long, Vietnam, is a vibrant city and a wonderful world for all the visitors. Its blend of bustling urban life and the breathtaking Ha Long Bay is a testament to the country’s rich culture and natural beauty. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or cultural exploration, Ha Long has it all, inviting you to experience its unique charm and warm hospitality.

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