Surpassing the famous airports of Singapore, Thailand, Japan…, a Vietnamese airport was proudly voted the best by business travelers in the year 2024 according to Skytrax rankings. 

BusinessFinancing research, based in the UK, conducted a new study based on business travelers, not general passengers to give reviews for major international airports from Airline Quality data and calculated the average rating from participants to rank the best and worst airports globally.

A view of the T2 international terminal at Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi

As a result, Noi Bai International Airport in Ha Noi was announced the best airport in the world when business travelers voted an average score of 6,80 out of 10. “The airport has a wealth of incredible facilities, especially the sky view building with observatory and many facilities for aviation enthusiasts. The terminals are extremely clean and the airport staff are very friendly. There are also great culinary options,” commented BusinessFinancing.


The list was followed by Singapore’s Changi Airport with 6.63 in ranking. 

The top ten best airports in Asia include: Noi Bai, Changi, Hong Kong, Hamad (Qatar); Narita, Haneda (Japan), Kempegowda (India), Taoyuan (Taiwan) and 2 other Indian airports: Chhatrapati Shivaji, Indira Ghandi. This organization also voted the best airport in Europe, the US and the UK.

List of 20 best airports according to business people

Moreover, research also indicated that 14 of the 20 best international airports for business travelers are in Asia and the Middle East. The rest are in Europe, with the exception of 19th-ranked Midway International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, which has an average rating of 4,37 out of 10. None of top airports of UK was announced on the list. 


At the same time, BusinessFinancing also named the 20 worst international airports for business travelers. Half of these are in Europe, including six in the UK. The worst is Brussels South Charleroi airport in Belgium, which was voted at the average score of 6.