5 Best Place Honeymoon in Bali Things to Do

Tanah Lot Temple
Photo by @leaguetravels

You will not be disappointed to choose Bali as a honeymoon place for newlyweds. Because you can enjoy valuable time with your partner. For those who like the best vacation spots can visit beach clubs, cliffside temples or luxury villa resorts. There are many honeymoon places in Bali things to do, there is no limit to exploring the real paradise in the world. So, let’s join to explore the beautiful tropical beaches, green rice fields and climb volcanoes. Next, we will share the 5 best things to do in Bali with your partner.

Walk Through the Nature of Bali by Riding a Horse

There are many ways you can do to enjoy Bali’s nature. The first activity is to choose a horse riding tour with a partner. This trip takes you along the lush green rice fields, known as Tegallalang Rice Terrace. You will also be spoiled with exotic valleys bordered by palm trees and bamboo clumps. On the sidelines of the trip, you can rest while sipping fresh young coconut water.

Enjoy the Night with the Ubud Cultural Show

Spending a romantic night in Ubud is the best choice for you with your partner. Ubud Cultural Show is known as the cultural heart of Bali, which gives you a special tour of art themes and workshops. You will also be given a dazzling display of performances such as the Ramayana and Legong Kraton ballet. 

Fulfill the Pleasure of Having Dinner on a Traditional Wooden Boat

Honeymoon Tour with Pirate Dinner Cruise is one of the luxurious gifts for couples. This activity can make your dinner an unforgettable moment. Enjoy the excitement of pirate-themed parties. Experience the most beautiful romance with the accompaniment of live music from the acoustic trio. During the cruise, you will be served delicious dinners and fire dance performances to exotic belly dancing. 

The Romantic View of the Sunset Accompanied By Your Beloved Partner

Tanah Lot Temple is a popular tourist spot for enjoying dramatic sunsets. You can see the beautiful scenery of the silhouette of the temple with the golden sun. To get a closer view you can walk to the base of the temple stone. But it depends on sea tide conditions. The honeymoon tour in Tanah Lot is perfect to end with a special dinner at the hotel restaurant. Because all menus served are authentic Indonesian dishes with strong flavors. Are you interested in a holiday with Bali Private Tour? It’s very easy, you just have to book a tourist ticket in Wandernesia.

Feel the Spiritual and Artistic Side of Bali at Pura Batuan Ubud

Bali is known as an area that is thick with traditional customs and culture. There are many sacred places and ritual ceremonies held. Make a more epic honeymoon trip by visiting the ancient temple in Batuan Village. You can also interact freely with the locals to get a deeper insight into the life of rural Bali.

Singapore Zoo For Family Vacation

The Singapore Zoo is a 30-hectare zoo in Singapore. There are all kinds of animals here. From animals easily found in Asia, Africa, to the polar animals are here. Inside this zoo, also planted with dense tropical trees so that when we enter, you will feel like entering into a forest. This zoo is very clean and also neatly arranged. You will not get bored around this place.

In addition to the animals there are kept here, the other interesting is the show that is held at certain hours of the day. This show is a kind of theater performing arts showing the abilities of animals and humans in weight. Some shows you can watch include Rainforest Fights Back, Splash Safari, Elephants At Work & Play, and Animal Friends Show. Special events and exhibitions are regular performances at the Singapore Zoo. One of the most iconic exhibits is the Zoo-rassic Park exhibit. Stroll through the mist through the Dinosaur Valley and face to face with over 20 animatronic dinosaurs.

The zoo is perfect for families, as well as entertainment attractions, visitors can also learn how animals live and breed. So no wonder if we listed Singapore Zoo as one of the best places in Singapore.